Wyo-Ben Chronicles


Here are the written and video recollections from some of the people and events reviewed in this history. The entire video interviews are fascinating and provide detail that could not be fully covered in the edited segments.

Rocky Brown

Rocky Brown Written Comments

Charles Bair Ranch Legal Case
1119 N. 31st Street House
Billings Stockyards
About Charley Morledge
About Magellson
Ditch Digging For Frisby Plumbing
Montana History Interview
Plentywood Death Case



Unedited or “raw” video segments from our interviews are shown below. 

Rocky Brown Interviews: 02/17/2021

From his personal recollections, the son of Rockwood Brown Senior discusses his father’s (and his own) history.

Rocky Brown and David Auer Interview: 02/17/2021

Rocky, (Vice President/Legal) and David Auer (former President and CEO) contributed their recollections of history with Wyo-Ben.

David Brown Interview: 02/19/2021

Wyo-Ben Inc. is the primary focus of David Brown’s comments.

Richard Brown Interviews: 12/08 2020 - 12/27/2020 - 02/18/2021

The history of bentonite and its many uses are discussed in detail.

Three Browns Discuss The Board and Keith Brown: 02/18/2020