Wyo-Ben Chronicles


Everything that is written in these pages has a reference, whether from books, documents, internet links, verbal recollections, or newspaper articles. Still, old newspaper articles often gave conflicting or wrong information. Living people had divergent recollections and some documents were vague or confusing. So we tried to clarify, as best we could, those differing versions. Here are the references we used.

Newspaper Clippings

Written Documents

David Auer Written Recollections

Neal Brown Written Recollections

Rocky Brown Written Recollections

Barbara Brown Bixby Genealogy of the Brown Family


History of Montana by James McClellan Hamilton  

Chronicle of America by Clifton Daniel Editorial Director

The Good Old Days – They Were Terrible by Otto L. Bettman 

Richford Vermont; Frontier Town by Jack C. Salisbury

Polio: An American Story by David M. Oshinsky

Ancestry Documents: Holly Brown


Western Heritage Center Billings, Montana  

Montana Historical Society Helena, Montana 

Museum of the Yellowstone West Yellowstone, Montana



1950s video on Taconite (Vimeo:)
By The Jam Handy Organization: The Iron Mining Industry of Minnesota
Iron Country: Iron Ore and Minnesota’s Future (1952) on Vimeo  
Contemporary Video from: Iron Range Science and Engineering Festival – Hibbing Taconite on Vimeo – 
Minnesota Iron Mining Process – YouTube –  
Full Senate Committee To Examine Updates to The Mining Law of 1872: October 5, 2021

Website Text

Live Interviews

Recollections of Rocky Brown, David Auer, Richard Brown, David Brown: February 2020 and May 2021


Diagram created by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) agency
Bureau of Land Management
Video of hand in bentonite sack: Control Concepts Inc. Brooklyn, CT 06234, USA
Taconite Pellets showing quarter reference: Harvey Henkelmann
Taconite: James St. John
Mining Scars: Gary Post, Dana

County Deeds and Records