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Here are photos of Wyo-Ben's employees at the company's 70th Anniversary Picnic, July 17, 2021. This section also shows the Billings Headquarters and Wyo-Ben Pet, plus each facility at Greybull, Lovell, and Thermopolis.

The Anniversary Picnic

Billings, Montana Headquarters

Contact Information:

Address: 1345 Discovery Drive
Billings, MT 59102
Telephone: 800.548.7055 or 406.652.6351
Website: wyoben.com
Email: email@wyoben.com or info@wyobenpet.com

Billings Headquarters

Wyo-Ben Pet Facility

Finished in 2021 less than a mile from the Billings headquarters, the Wyo-Ben Pet facility and assembly line accommodates the needs of many private label pet retailers. Cat Litter made from bentonite minerals is “made to order” in this plant, adding specific ingredients for each pet distributor. And whether the end product is contained in a jug, pail, box, or polybag, Wyo-Ben Pet will deliver as ordered.

Contact through the main office:
1345 Discovery Drive
Billings, MT 59102
Telephone: 800.548.7055 or 406.652.6351

Email: info@wyobenpet.com

Wyo-Ben Pet
Wyo-Ben Pet

Photos From Wyo-Ben Pet

Greybull, Wyoming Plant

This plant located 125 miles south of Billings was started as a Gypsum Plant sometime in the mid-1920s. Gypsum is commonly used in wallboard or sheetrock. But in 1951, this facility opened as a bentonite plant for the first time. Located at the Stucco railroad siding, it has always been a “bagging” plant. Completely automated until the forklift driver picks up the pallet and moves it to the pad, this plant produces 5 million bags of bentonite a year. 

Greybull, Wyoming Plant
Stucco Mill

Photos From the Greybull Plant

Lovell, Wyoming Plant

The Lovell facility, located at the Sage Creek rail siding, was built when bentonite reserves were purchased in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. This is now a specialty products facility, running different “batches” of granular or powdered mineral. It may switch products whenever specific requests come in. 

Lovell Plant

Drone Shots From Lovell Plant

Photos From Lovell Plant

Thermopolis, Wyoming Plant

Located 195 miles south of Billings, this plant was first built to satisfy the high demands of bentonite used in oil drilling and as a binder to secure the taconite pellets for transport by rail car. Today it is the company’s primary granular production facility refining bentonite that is trucked to Wyo-Ben Pet in Billings.


Photos from the Thermopolis Plant

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