Wyo-Ben Chronicles

While selected newspaper articles (click on the red icons to view them) act as general “footnotes” to sections throughout the site, here is a listing of all the clippings that were collected from many different newspapers in Vermont, Wyoming, Washington State, Washington D.C., Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, Minnesota, and Montana. Articles are organized from 1889 through the 2020s and can be viewed simply by clicking on the blue hyperlink. Some links show photos of interest. Others reveal more detail than could be written in the text. Text denoting “Audio” will appear where popular recorded music of the decade can be heard by selecting the image. These pages alone are an interesting Time Line of the period covered.

On the final page of this section, you will find a list of folders that sort clippings by major subjects discussed in this website.

Newspaper Articles, Photos and Audio

Girl of My Dreams
(Audio) 78 RPM records became locally available and were the primary source of in-home entertainment.
Popular Electricity Magazine
Because electricity was becoming available and very popular, magazines explained just what the devil it did.
Charles Russell Picture
Charles Russell of Great Falls, Montana became an icon of Western Art throughout the world.
(Audio) Introduced in 1900, the Orchestrion could be found in many of Vermonts local establishments.
(Audio) Turkey in de Straw 1912
Rockwood lived here while at college in Burlington.
US Declares War Headline
The U.S. Entered the War on May 5, 1917.
Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts Label
(Audo) Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers by Al Jolson
Honolulu Record Label
(Audio) Honolulu, America Loves You 1916
Montana Peak Hat 1911
Montana Peak Hat Adopted by Military
Rock-A-Bye Record Label
(Audio) Rock-A-Bye-Your-Baby With A Dixie Melody 1918
Wear a Mask
War Is Over
Our Country Record Label
(Audio) Our Country Is In It Now 1918
(Audio) When The Role Is Called Up Yonder 1919